“There are now two ways that I describe the brand development, strategic messaging and copy editing that I offer my clients — my business before Katie and my business after Katie. Reading Katie’s work feels like unwrapping a present that you’ve been longing for… The package she delivers is always remarkable and the content is just the right gift for each client’s needs.” —Amanda Winn Wholehearted Business Development

I’m a micro-storyteller.

I don’t just write copy.

I distill big ideas into what I call micro-stories* and infuse them into your marketing and advertising, enticing and intriguing your audience.

(*Micro-stories are your core brand messages hidden in every sentence and word of your copy – they pack a differentiating punch quickly and effectively)

I’m also a brand voice developer. I can get inside your head and express your ideas like they were my own. I will do so in your voice or the distinct voice of your brand so your clients can know you and fall in love with you.

I help you share your story – your WHY, not just your WHAT – so you can connect with your right people and get to work.

Mind for hire. Pen included.

I don’t just spit out pretty words. I brainstorm and collaborate with you.
I provide an elevated customer service experience.

I bring evocative ideas to the table. I challenge your comfort zone.

I gather all your random thoughts
and weave an emotive, informative story that makes perfect sense.

Then I turn that into a tagline, your business name, your about page
or a fresh campaign idea, to name a few.

this-is-going-to-be-goodCaution: ultra personal service ahead.

I’m old school. I listen. I take notes. I use my whiteboard.
I keep you in the loop.

I take your business to heart. I care about your clients. I cultivate my process to fit you. (Pssst! That’s why it’s called a handcrafted copy shoppe.)

I also covet clever. I adore alliteration. And I love language. Do you?

If so, let’s tell your micro-story, shall we?

What I Offer