I was always a closet writer.
I just didn’t know what kind.

When a coworker called me “copy queen” at my last full time job, I realized I was writing copy and that was it. I’ve been a freelance copywriter for 3 years now – that I know of. For any business I started, all I ever wanted to do was write the brochure and tagline.
Really I’ve been doing this all my life.

I have a degree in storytelling.
(B.A. in Drama, Cinema minor)

But my love of story started at 10 years old. I used to watch The Love Boat with pen and paper. I wrote down the episode’s 3 story titles as they appeared in the opening credits. Then, as the cast boarded the ship, I would match the actors to the right story. I’ve been matching the right words to the right story ever since.

I’m not your typical copywriter.
I’m a micro-storyteller.

I have a background in fundraising, sales and acting; I know how to compassionately use the art of persuasion. I thrive on encapsulating your brand’s story and infusing it into every bit and piece of copy you need. I call this micro-stories rather than copy. Because you don’t want to copy anyone. And you don’t need to.

My most prized possessions are my mother’s vintage mixing bowls, my wedding album and my whiteboard.

I’m a proud graduate of The Colorado College (in Colorado Springs, not Boulder) and a frequent learner at UCLA Extension. You can check out my creds here.

I also love dogs (especially my Sheltie mix rescue), I think chocolate and banana is the perfect flavor combination and I’m an excellent baker. I’m an INFJ and my top VIA Character Strengths are Honesty, Social Intelligence, Creativity, Curiosity,  Perspective and Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. Among my friends, I’m known as “DJ Jazzy Katie” – my own wedding playlist kept the dance floor full all night long.

(Did I mention I think in jingles? I dare you to mention one I don’t know by heart. Especially from the 70s.)

How about you?

You need someone on your team that can step in and step up without missing a beat.

You already have a strategy – or a strategist – you just need the right content to flesh it out.

You have your own business or you work for an advertising or branding agency that needs someone who gets it. Now.
And can jump on board midstream.

You value your brain but you thrive on intuition.

You appreciate clever but authentic ideas and personal attention.

You could do it yourself. But you’d rather collaborate.

You value process and creativity. You need someone to think like you do.

You want your words to spark a connection – maybe even illicit some chills – and create loyal customers & followers.

I’m here to help you. Together, we’ll make a splash.