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John and I can’t wait to swim and sail in the Creative Cove of miraculous melding minds with you and CREATE like you’ve always wished you would and knew you could.

What we did

Allowing just enough of best-selling author's voice to shine through her program sales emails and website update for maximum impact

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Testimonial photo SARK says...

“Katie knows just how to infuse my voice into the invitation sales pages and emails we ask her to craft. Her first drafts take very little polishing, saving me time and energy.”

Project included:Sales, Sales Emails, Website Copy

These breathtaking creations are tiny pieces of art for you to cherish forever.

Product names & descriptions up leveled to meet and exceed high creativity level of artistic duo #meettheclientwherethey'reatandkeepgoing

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Testimonial photo Sarah says...

“The best thing about working with Katie is her heart to truly know your business.”

Project included:About Pages, Messaging, Product & Service Names

Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation. Have an Instant Snow Day. Anytime.

Create an ad about anything at all

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Testimonial photo Freddy says...

“GREAT ad.”

Project included:Advertising

ingenious intimates for mama's milk

Give an existing brand more of a personality and voice to up her game and stand up to growing competitors

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Testimonial photo Amy says...

“This project involved everything from tag line development to positioning to product descriptions - the full spectrum of messaging for a product brand. Katie was organized and disciplined in getting it right, corralling a ton of information and small details into a persuasive, inviting voice. She is a great collaborator and regularly contributes to my ongoing projects.”

Project included:About Pages, Messaging, Taglines, Website Copy

A Well-Zoomed Dog

Create a cohesive ad campaign on the business of your choice

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Testimonial photo Arnold says...

“Your main campaign idea is a great line. It's a word-play that works both ways, and is immediately understandable, positive and selling.”

Project included:Advertising, Messaging, Sales, Taglines

It’s Customized Wisdom Remembrance Training for your Authentic Life.

The assignment

Crafting of a well-known author’s sales page to capture her essence and share just the right amount of info to spur on registrations for a new program

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Testimonial photo Jennifer says...

“Katie is a total pleasure to work with - upbeat, can-do, dig in and also so good at capturing my voice.”

Project included:Sales, Sales Pages

Yes, I have a deep desire to help people. I can listen like nobody's business. Like ears just went out of style.

Client’s dynamic, punchy voice infused into every name, program & service to differentiate her from the pack #health&fitnessbrandcreatedfromscratch

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Testimonial photo LeAnn says...

“We didn’t meet once throughout the process of her writing my website and yet she was still able to understand who I was and what I wanted from the site.”

Project included:Names, Taglines, Website Copy

It’s about Tipping the Scales to YOU. It’s a lens for your life. A construct. A practice. An approach.

Careful naming and content creation for a side business that skillfully walks the line of professional lawyer who embraces the Mindful Law movement

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Testimonial photo Jim says...

“Katie is more than an excellent writer and editor. She cared about more than getting a website done. She tuned into the essence of who I am, what my business is about and had the words I couldn't have found without her. Katie is how great websites are made.”

Project included:Names, Website Copy

Mocha-Choco-Latte: Take a much-deserved intermission with our mocha-flavored pick-me-up. You’ll be back to performing like your wild self in a heartbeat, no trip to the coffee shop required.

3 new candy flavors named & described to match musical brand for local LA sweets shop #namingturnsmeon

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Testimonial photo Yumiko says...

“Her ability to quickly absorb a project's needs and deliver spot on results with lightning speed is unmatched. Her love for her craft and its ability to move others’ is evident with every thoughtfully chosen word.”

Project included:Product & Service Names

Do you speak kindness?

Services donated to bring kindness movement to light complete with original poem & inspiring, streamlined web content

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Testimonial photo Amanda says...

“Katie completely captured the heart and essence of the inspiration and intention of our work, and found just the right way to express our message that creates connection and unity.”

Project included:Taglines, Website Copy

It’s time to share the life-changing gift of your expertise.

Steered great speaker and writer in her own right to share and sell her new program without being too pushy or ‘salesy’.

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Testimonial photo Michelle says...

“Katie asked awesome questions that helped me get really clear on what I needed as well as gave her what she needed to write for me. Her writing is practical and engaging, both. I can't wait to work with her again!”

Project included:Sales, Sales Emails

evolutionary medicine with a revolutionary twist

From tagline to media kit, the first ever mobile magazine app for homeopathy gets its very own website. #ilovestartingfromscratch

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Testimonial photo Donna says...

“Katie has this remarkable ability to get into your voice and your role in the work you are doing. It was amazing to watch her take me, my voice, my baby and do all that I would have done and more!”

Project included:Messaging, Taglines, Website Copy

getting to the heart of business matters

Tag line conjured that reflects double meaning for big hearted business consultant and web copy flowed from there #wordsarecoollikethat

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Testimonial photo Amanda says...

“Reading Katie's work often feels like unwrapping a present that you've been longing for ... the package she delivers is always remarkable and the content is just the right gift for each client's needs.”

Project included:Sales, Taglines, Website Copy

She gets deep under the visuals to create stories that reflect the why and how of her clients’ culture in a glance.

Two sides of one woman’s creative-meets-academia coin shine to reflect a deeper dimension of her work #differentiateorgohome

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Testimonial photo Jessica says...

“It's so interesting seeing yourself from another perspective. I’m going to use this for my bio and a shortened version for my LinkedIn.”

Project included:Social Media Profiles

If my diverse journey through arts, activities and organizations has taught me one thing it’s this: my ability to transform challenging possibilities into visionary plans feeds my love of adventure, learning, and creativity.

Client’s linkedIn profile re-created from bits of brilliance found in her life’s puzzle #seeyourselfanew

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Testimonial photo Erin says...

“Katie took a list of personality traits, multiple web links, some stream-of-consciousness ramblings, and a slew of cut and paste, and turned it into a story. My story.”

Project included:Social Media Profiles