I love finding things.

It might be a lost sweater, the best airline ticket price or exactly what to say and how to say it. That moment of discovery and hitting the nail on the head is thrilling to me.

I want to find what sets you apart.

What differentiates you. It starts with your WHY – why do you do what you do? Your why is what differentiates you. It’s like a snowflake – no two whys are alike.

What sets you apart connects you.

Your specific motivation pulls people in. And inspires connection. Because everything you do is powered by a moment. And every moment has a reason and a story.

Stories inspire people to take action and, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” – Simon Sinek

I am passionate about finding your WHY
and being a voice piece for you.

Your product. Your offers. Your brand. Your campaign.
And mining all their micro-stories.

You most likely already have some ideas of what to say.
You just find it hard to write for yourself. Or you and your team are too close to it.
Maybe you can’t quite pull out the story in that fine golden thread you’re looking for.

I have a gift for seeing the big picture and distilling it down into your story.
I anchor your business in meaning and let your story shine. 

I specialize in differentiation. That’s what I love to do. What I live for.
And I thrive on doing it in exactly your voice or the voice of your brand.

You see, I’m also a brand voice developer.

I have a lifetime of experience, and even a degree, in storytelling.
In translating what others mean and bringing it to life.
I was the voice piece for others’ stories as a professional actress for 20 years.

I know how to intuitively evoke feelings in others. I used to do that as an actor, now I channel that skill into writing. To be honest, I’m much more comfortable behind the scenes, making you and your business the star.

What I do is tell micro-stories.
How I do it is by capturing your voice. (I’ll give it back, I promise.)

I seek deep connections with my clients and projects so I can deliver the best work possible.
I am very hands on and give the utmost personal attention always.

My process involves finding out everything I can about you and your business. I have my own questionnaire to get the conversation going called the Plume Fresh Finder. I’m also open to meeting in person or on Skype for anything else you wish to share with me.

If I take you on as a client, I truly care about you and what you do. And I want to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. It’s an intimate relationship, to help someone advance their work and livelihood, and I am open to all that implies. I want our work together to make a difference for you.

I’m here to help solopreneurs, small businesses,
branding or ad agencies and their clients.

I’ve worked with artists, authors, coaches of all kinds, healers, teachers, new thought leaders, candy makers, therapists, graphic designers, publicists, start ups, marketing professionals, entertainers, writers, non-profits and other copywriters.

My services include:

• Brand Development including Business, Product and Service Naming and Taglines
• Website Content Development and Articles
• Business Positioning and Program Sales Emails and Video Scripts
• Advertising Campaigns and Promo Materials

My process is catered to you and your needs. I don’t offer cookie cutter packages because, well, there’s nothing cookie cutter about you now, is there?

Please contact me for a free 15-minute phone or Skype call to see if we are a fit and how I can help you. If we decide to move forward, I’ll send you a detailed estimate customized just for you and your projects.


For other ways to work with me, I also collaborate with these remarkable teams:
Wholehearted Business Development, The Voice Bureau and Secret Sauce, Inc


My dream clients are those that offer clever ideas and are more down to earth than flashy. They care about what real people think and seek to create connections with them through their succinct messages. I’d jump at the chance to work with these folks. If you know any of them (or you are them), please let me know!